How to order

Placing an order with Us is very easy. Here are the steps you need to know to place your order.

1) Viewing and selecting jewelry
Ordering Jewelry
Shopping Cart

4) Order NO
5) Login With
6) submit your order and make a payment

7) Receive order



STEP 1:Viewing and selecting jewelry
View and select the type of jewelry you wish to order from the Categories menu on the left

STEP 2: Ordering Jewelry
Enter the quantity you wish to order in the boxes under each product - then Click the "Add to Cart" button Repeat this step until you are done adding to the shopping cart all the jewelry you would like to purchase.

STEP 3: Shopping Cart
Click Shopping Cart to review your order - if you have to make any changes then make them first and then click "Update Cart".( do not forget to click the "update Shopping Cart" ) When done and ready to checkout click the "Checkout" button.

STEP 4:Order NO

You will get this order NO., and you may check the order status.Customer service will send you the product total and shipping cost of your order.

Step 5 : Login with
Enter your Sign In information and click the “Login” button if you haven’t logged in before you ordering.

Addation:your information is very important including your phone and address due to we want the ship the items to your door without any problem

Step6:submit your order and make a payment

When you finish all the step above that, you just need the click the button and waiting the commercial invoice we sent. including the total value and shipping cost

Step 7 : Receive order